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Send and Receive Faxes From Your Web site!

Faxaway Works from your Web site!

  1. Visitors to your Web site fax themselves important information from your Web site - applications, user's guides and other documents.
  2. Visitors to your Web site fax your company important information or other requests from your Web site.

Web Developer requirements

  1. Your web server is capable of sending and receiving email.
  2. Set up a Faxaway account.
    If you are already a Faxaway user, add a sub-account to your existing faxaway account using the email address from which your web server will be sending mail.
  3. Your WEB server will be the user of Faxaway.
  4. The Faxaway email is located in the "from" field of the messages. Faxaway will only send messages from registered users.

Toll Free Numbers

Form Requirements

  1. The From: field and To: field in the email messages received is what Faxaway reads.
  2. The Faxaway address (faxnumber@faxaway.com) must include country code, area/city code and local fax number (even if it is a local number).
  3. The relevant information from the form is placed into the body of the email message as plain text, or attached in one of our supported document formats.
  4. The email message is sent to our servers from your web site and we send it as a fax.

Let's say that you're hosting a WEB site for Harry's Hardware Store. Harry doesn't have email at his hardware store, but Harry does have a fax machine.

Harry's Hardware Store fax is 206-555-1212. You have assigned the email address harry@yourdomain.net for Harry's form on the web site you host for him.

Your form should resemble this:
From: harry@yourdomain.net
To: 12065551212@faxaway.com
Body: insert the text from your form OR send it as an attached file.
(when attaching files the word FAXDOC must appear in the subject line)


  1. Confirmation messages (indicating an 'end result') are sent to the email address that sent the message.
  2. Confirmations include: time received and transmitted, the cost, the fax number dialed and subject.
  3. Confirmations are also sent for Rejected or Failed transmissions.

Our staff provides support for issues related to the use of Faxaway only. Faxaway does not provide programming assistance with the design of your web site form, rather we provide assistance should there be problems once the fax is received by our servers.

Note: You can re-bill your end user whatever you please for the privilege of receiving a fax from your WEB site.

You can also request your end user to set up a Faxaway account in order to use the same email form on your Web site

These are some examples of scripting resources for sending email from the web.

As stated above Faxaway does not provide programming assistance for your site, but provides support for issues related to the use of Faxaway only.

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